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Available Subjects

We specialise in high school and HSC, but also offer tutoring for primary and secondary, tertiary admission exam prep, uni subjects and adult conversation.

Below is a listing of the major HSIE subjects we normally provide tutoring in at Elite Tutoring College.

We also have access to a large roster of selected on-call tutors who can cater to students requiring tuition in less common, specialised subjects such as university subjects. Contact us to discuss your specific needs!

HSIE Subjects

Subject Level Hours NESA Syllabus
Economics Year 11-12 2 hrs Economics Stage 6
Business Studies Year 11-12 2 hrs Business Studies Stage 6
Legal Studies Year 11-12 2 hrs Legal Studies Stage 6
History Year 12 Ext. 2 hrs History Extension Stage 6
  Year 9-10 1½ hrs, 2 hrs History K-10
  Year 7-8 1½ hrs History K-10
Modern History Year 11-12 2 hrs Modern History Stage 6
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